LG front load washer ‘IE’ error

UPDATE: There is another screen behind each of the screens mentioned here. Furthermore it seems the area water company is having problems with algae. After cleaning all screens again the washer is working.

I have a front loading LG TROMM WM1814CW. Recently I began getting the ‘IE’ error message on the front every time I ran the regular cycle. This was accompanied by a low electronic buzzing noise during the cycle.

I checked the front filter near the bottom and although it had a small amount of debris, that did not stop the errors.

Finally I remembered that there are 2 small filters on the hot/cold water pipe inlets on the back of the machine. This is where the hoses are screwed into the back of the washer.

I unscrewed the hoses and found the filters looking like this:



















Next I cleaned the filters. They then looked like this:















This has fixed the problem.

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