Joseph Junkin

Fullstack/Frontend Web Developer

415 Pope st
Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650) 380-0560


React applications using React, React-Router, Redux, Babel, Webpack, ES6/ES7, Git and nodejs with a mongoDB database.


Javascript, ES6, ES7, React, Redux, React Router, Isomorphic/Universal/Server Rendering, webpack, babel, chai, eslint, mocha, D3, SVG, Google Maps, AJAX, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Jquery UI, GIS, Geocoding, Knockout, Backbone, AMD, RequireJS, Underscore,, CSS3, HTML5, frontend templates, bootstrap.


NodeJS, ExpressJS, NPM, Yarn, JWT, PHP, Laravel, Symphony, Perl, ModPerl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Templating, ORM, Grails, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, mongoDB, mongoose.


Git, SVN, WordPress, Linux, Redhat/Centos, Ubuntu, Emacs, AWS, VM’s, SSH, Apache, Nginx, Postfix, Named/bind DNS, IPTables, UFW.


I have over 20 years of experience developing internet database applications on mostly Web and Unix/Linux platforms. My preferred position is frontend javascript development with some backend/database programming. My main development platform for the last 4 years has been React, Redux running from a nodejs/expressjs backend utlizing mongoDB running on AWS and Google Cloud services.

The majority of my experience has been in the Open Source software development environment. I have comprehensive experience as a full stack developer building applications from the ground up including: specifying hardware, building servers and/or allocating Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances, database and software design and development, networking, working with QA, testing, deployment and maintenance.


Digital Anarchy – Transcriptive Speech-to-Text AI service

6/2017- PRESENT

Transcriptive provides speech-to-text processing using Artificial Intelligence (AI) services such as Speechmatics, Watson and Google. Initial responsibilities included optimizing and extending the React/Redux platform for the Adobe Premiere Panel. Used React component lifecycle analysis to dramatically increase speed, loading and editing times. Utilized draftjs for editing functionality. Implemented system wide text editing undo/redo.

Developed and designed a pure web version of Transcriptive. Application allows users to create accounts, upload video and transcribe. Video is optimized via post-processing using ffmpeg. Audio is extracted and optimized for speech services. User may then transcribe the video into text using a selected AI service. The Transcript is loaded in to a video synchronized text editor to facilitate fast and accurate editing. A socket server setup between the client and server allows long running processes to update the client with status and progress.

Databreeze Open Source Platform – Lead Developer
2/2016 – 6/2017
Databreeze is a GitHub Open Source web application designed using ReactJS. Databreeze requires minimal configuration and coding to allow navigation, searching, listing, viewing and editing of database information. Databreeze is configured to work with a Databreeze API server accessing MongoDB.

Databreeze is an isomorphic application (universal or server rendered) employing React, React-Router, Redux and other NPM modules. Server side rendering generates an initial page using the same React components that afterward operate client side. It utilizes ES6, ES7 and NPM modules including ESLint, Babel and Webpack.

Databreeze handles secure user account creation and login using Json Web Tokens (JWT). Databreeze can upload images from the client, process them on the API server to generate multiple resized images, then upload them to Amazon S3. The resized images are then served directly from S3 to clients.

The application server runs Centos7 on an AWS Instance using Nginx, Node.js and KOA.js. A separate AWS instance runs the API Node Express.js cluster server that accesses a MongoDB database using Mongoose.

NGX BIO, San Francisco – Lead Developer
10/2014 – 2/2016
Full service Next Generation Sequencing provider. Responsible for Customer, Vendor and internal websites.

Utilized bootstrap, backbone, reactjs, grunt and other front end tools. Employed PHP on backend.

Developed complex quote tool for generating real-time estimates for next generation genetic sequencing projects based on user input parameters.

Employed Salesforce as primary data structure storage which required reading and updating data using salesforce PHP API.

Provided file uploading using customized dropzonejs and mysql for metadata. Allowed users to navigate sequencing projects and download large data files from S3 using Aspera data downloader.

Created calendar tool to track and display gene sequencer availability among multiple core facilities.

FXPAL Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA – Javascript Consultant
2012 – 10/2014
Querium – Worked on the Querium collaborative query system. This was a web based application utilizing the knockoutjs MVV platform on the frontend. Development incorporated D3 SVG “node connected” graphs to represent relationships between email senders and receivers. Additional D3 bar charts included ‘brush’ timeline selector to filter date ranges. Interaction with HTML or SVG elements propagated changes across the interface.

Mediawall – Designed and built a multimedia multi screen controller. This tablet/mobile device focused HTML5 and D3 SVG UI controlled a multi-input, multi-screen mediawall. Frontend technology included BackboneJS and JQuery Mobile. Backend web and socket server utilized NodeJS and expressJS to provide web services and hardware communication. D3 SVG library was incorporated to provide a ‘world-in-miniature’ (WIM) view of the mediawall screen. The SVG WIM allowed drag and drop window repositioning as well as window resizing in real time.

RoomOS – An improved mediawall controller. Provided a simplified drag and drop D3 SVG interface to reposition windows upon the multi-screen mediawall. Required extensive D3 animations to provide preview feedback to user as move events occurred. Utilized a new backend server using nodejs and mongodb.

Datafree, Inc Consulting – Menlo Park, CA – Javascript Consultant 2006 – 2012
Working as a consultant for Datafree, Inc. providing solutions for recreational sporting, apartment rental and real estate websites. Duties included platform building, development, deployment and maintenance. I purchased, loaded, deployed and maintain multiple Centos (5-6) Linux servers. Installed and configured Postfix mail servers with Clam Antivirus, SpamAssassin, Dovecot MAPI and SquirrelMail. Designed a system of development, staging and production servers linked via a centralized Subversion repository. Developed, deployed and administrated MVC frameworks such as Catalyst, Ruby on Rails and PHP symfony. I also utilize PHP for integration with content management systems such as WordPress. Responsibilities included configuring Apache 2 and a MySQL database.

2010 – 2013 – – Lead Developer

A Social media website for recreational fishing. Wrote backend database, PHP Symfony MVC, googlemap apis geocode/maps/charts, employed JQuery UI & JQuery Mobile.

2011 (4 months) – SSCI Scientific Systems Company, Inc – Consultant

Created a javascript based UI to display information about autonomous robotic marine craft. Interface allowed sending of commands as well as display of current status. Data was pulled via ajax calls from python backend simulator. Utilized JQuery UI and custom object oriented javascript.

2006-2011 – CORT Furniture – Austin,TX – Lead Developer

Maintained and extended ApartmentSearch website as a consultant for CORT furniture. Worked with CORT to remake the site adding new HTML and ajax functionality including googlemaps in place of microsoft mappoint.

2000 – 2006 RelocationCentral, CORT Furniture – Santa Clara, CA – Senior Web Developer

Developed new software systems for Internet and internal applications. Created and/or worked on many applications which were a backbone of the company for many years.

ApartmentSearch website – 100% responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of this rental property search site. Initially I was the sole developer and designer of the entire project including design, coding and database architecture. The initial version was in production in less than three months.

This website used a radius search methodology to find apartment listings starting from a selected location (Latitude/Longitude). This process provided an extremely fast search comparison algorithm.

The technology included a highly optimized caching database designed to speed the search and retrieval of rental listings. Data was pulled from Microsoft SQL server 2000 into a MYSQL database.

1997 – 2000 DataFree Inc. Weston, MA – Web Developer/Administrator Orchestrated, built and managed Open Source focused technologies.

Programming – Duties included writing Web Database Application development using Perl, ModPerl, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Administration – Installed, managed and maintained multiple server farms including co-located data center systems at AboveNet and Hurricane

Electric. Installed, secured and managed all aspects of Unix systems including DNS (Bind), Email (Qmail), Firewall (IPTables), Secure Shell (OpenSSH) and custom kernel configuration of Linux Operating system (RedHat).

Hardware – Designed and built rack mount (1U/2U/4U) low-cost, small form factor, high-performance servers operating Linux and Windows with software and hardware RAID.

1996–1997 OpenAir Software Stoughton, MA – Web Developer

Lead developer on Website. The specification called for building a Web version of a Windows software package. Software platform included Perl running on Apache-ModPerl Web Server operating on Linux OS. Application included complex criteria selection built from graphical point-and-click interface for each user session. Challenges included managing hierarchical data sets in a dynamic HTML environment. The application interacted with proprietary hi-speed database. A pioneering application in its day, this was one of the earliest examples of complex application development in a pure web environment.


Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA – B.A. Computer Science
Class of 1994
Completed many graduate level Computer Science courses as an undergraduate. For a graduate level parallel algorithms course at Boston University, I wrote code that ran on the massively parallel (in those days anyway) CM-5 Connection Machine.


Family, Fishing, Mountain biking and Road biking in the Santa Cruz Mountains, long distance running, Open Source Software, PC building, landscape/home projects, and community computer training.