Chegg fraudulent charges and company does nothing about it

We noticed charges on our credit card to a company named We have never ordered anything from them. The charges were 3 times a month starting in march/2020 each one is for $14.95.

We tried calling chegg and were on the phone for almost an hour while the customer support person attempted to find our information. After an hour or so the customer support person was unsuccessful and promised to look further into the incident. We gave them our contact info. They never called back and the charges continued.

Very strange that they would be unable to locate any information on us while they are charging our credit card 3 times a month. How is it possible that they are unable to stop charging our card?

So, chegg is obviously a completely fraudulent company that has no concern for stealing from random people who have never purchased anything from the company and then is unable or refuses to stop charging their credit card.

Please check your credit card for charges to chegg and make sure to contest the charges with your credit card company because chegg is a lying, thieving company that does nothing to stop fraudulently charging you.

chegg has charged us a total of $239.20 and has refunded zero. Our credit card company has contested and refunded many of the charges but not all. Thank you Citibank!

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