New construction by James Christ of JCBuilders

JCBuilders built our new home in the willows of Menlo Park starting in 2019 and finished in 2020. The house is a craftsman design by the architect Roger Kohler. It is a two story 2600 sf home with a detached 250 sf single car garage.

Unlike other builders, James Christ provided an extremely detailed estimate. All materials and labor were separated and explained while the final cost essentially matched the estimate.

Communication with James was excellent which was important. When issues came up they were discussed and the resolution agreed upon fairly. Planning was very professional and James and his crew worked closely with his subcontractors to manage all aspects of the project.

Build quality was extremely good. The trim, framing and finished work were well selected and implemented. The flooring, HVAC and windows are all perfect. The tilework, which I notice every day, was perfectly matched without the flaws that I have seen on other jobs. Painting was mostly done using a spray method which looks significantly better than brush and roller, particularly on the trim. Kitchen detail was great as well.

Our family of four has been in our home since 12/2020, just before the pandemic started. Being cooped up in a perfectly new home was a blessing. Being at home so much, we have really come to appreciate JCBuilders workmanship and quality. It is quite a difference from our old cramped home and it makes life much more pleasurable.

I give JCBuilders a top recommendation for all aspects of the construction of our home. If you are considering a builder in the area for large projects I would heartily recommend James Christ and his company.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the construction process provided by James please let us know as we would be happy to provide a referral.


Joe Junkin